Refresh Your Skincare Routine With a Facial Oil

If you follow beauty and skincare trends, you’re probably aware that facial oils have been touted as the must-have product for a few years, promising to nourish, hydrate, and restore skin, particularly in the colder months.

Why Facial Oil?

Facial oil is not designed for dry skin type only. A quality oil is suitable for all skin types. It is the food for your skin, which can replenish skin cells and help to even out oil production, leaving you with well-balanced healthy skin.

Most importantly, facial oils offer intense hydration and deep nourishment. As we age, our skin will produce less natural oils, leaving it appears dull and dry. Compared with standard water-based moisturizers, the 100% natural oils can be absorbed easily into the skin’s lipid layer in order to deliver nutrients to where they’re needed, they also carry more antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, like pigmentation, wrinkles, and unevenness. 

Facial oils penetrate skin cells slower than moisturizes, providing long-lasting hydration with extra nourishment. Because of this, they also make the ideal nighttime treatment. The amazing truth is you only need a couple of drops to see the results. 

How to Choose?

When choosing a facial oil, read the ingredient list carefully. Quality is key. Look out for natural oils such as fruit and plant extracts, as well as the other natural ingredients that contain mega-powerful antioxidants, such as Astaxanthin, natural vitamin E oil, and Grape Seed Oil. Make sure there are no synthetic or mineral oils which tend to clog pores and sit on the surface of the skin – these might feel nice, but they don’t actually do anything. Just because it says it has rosehip oil in it could have a minute amount, and it doesn’t mean it can’t also have other nasty ingredients to top up the formula.

A deeply replenishing facial oil

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How to Use?

When it comes to applying your facial products, it’s trial and error. Some people say putting the oil on bare skin followed by a moisturizer is better for those with naturally oily skin, whereas putting the oil on after a moisturizer can help seal the moisture in. Many people will only need the oil, finding it does the job without using an additional moisturizer.

To apply the oil, warm a few drops between your hands and gently massage into your skin, taking care to pat it in rather than rub it. The right oil for your skin should melt in effortlessly, leaving behind a radiant, glowing complexion.