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That's why our customers have been depending on the potent blend of over 90 specialty nutrients in Total Balance Women's Premium.

Total Balance Women's Premium

Total Balance Women's Premium

By the age of 40 most “multivitamins” just won’t cut it for women who want to maintain a busy life and optimal well-being. It provides nutrients to support:

  • high energy
  • balanced hormone levels
  • PMS support
  • Menopause
  • and even fight off the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

When all of these aspects of health are at their best, we look and feel healthy, vibrant, strong and energetic - in other words, the best we can be.

Total Balance Women’s hasn’t just got digestion, immunity , and aging covered - it also supports sexual health with a blend specific to women’s health. These ingredients support the management of PMS, and menopause and boost libido.

Some customers have seen relief from hot flashes, PMS or stress may also experience pretty quickly after taking it, but for others – especially those who have a healthy lifestyle at the start of their regimen – the nutrients and their beneficial effects may build up over the course of two or three months.

Key Ingredients

As you build a healthy lifestyle with a diet that includes plenty of natural foods, using Total Balance Women’s Premium is a powerful 1-2 combination that contains key nutrients to support women’s overall health. It contains a specific combination to support temperature and balance mood and estrogen levels.

Hormonal and Libido Support

  • Chasteberry (sometimes known as Vitex) has been shown to support those suffering symptoms of menopause. For example, in one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, supplementation with Chasteberry significantly reduced several symptoms of menopause including anxiety, night sweats, and hot flashes1.
  • Feverfew is also used to support those with symptoms of menopause and is especially helpful for those who suffer increased headaches and/or migraines as a symptom2. The mechanism of action involves increasing the levels of estrogen3
  • Dong Quai Extract can support hormonal balance during menopause - Dong Quai is a popular traditional medicine from China and has been studied in several trials where it was found to reduce hot flashes and alleviate sleep disturbances associated with menopause4. It can help restore vitality and harmony to your body.
  • PMS support -The specialized herbal extract blend contained in this formula supports PMS discomfort such as bloating and irritability during the menstrual cycle. For example: Feverfew extract contained in our formula helps support temperature balance and inflammation management, which may reduce headaches. Chasteberry extract can support the level of progesterone which can help normalize the menstrual cycle.
  • Damianaand Sarsaparilla are two widely used traditional medicines that support libido. 

Total Balance Women's Premium - A better way to women's health

Finding a better way to good health is an ongoing journey. It comes down to a good diet, regular exercise, and a quality supplement plan.

Total Balance Women's Premium is the ultimate whole-body cell-enhancing formula to support health, resilience and immunity:

  • Anti-aging – Helps reverse cell damage and defy the signs of aging
  • Whole-body support– covers the cardiovascular system, immunity, brain health, metabolic health, joint health, and more
  • Women's specialty nutrients - support healthy hormone levels, PMS, and menopause management

Total Balance Women's Premium

Because “multi-vitamins” just won’t cut it for women who want to maintain optimal well being.

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Total Balance Women's Premium