How To Get The Best Looking Skin

Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ your body has? It's also one of the most complex and important organs in your body. Consider the following:

  • The average adult human has a skin surface area of between 1.5 to 2.0 square meters with most of the skin being between 2 to 3 mm thick.
  • Inside every square inch of skin you'll find roughly 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 60,000 melanocytes, and more than 1,000 nerve endings.

Now, as expected the health of any organ can usually be seen by its appearance. One just has to look at the lungs of a chronic smoker to see evidence of this. However, you'll need the person to be dead before you can actually remove the lungs and examine them. Not very practical.

What makes the skin so unique is that its appearance not only reflects its own health, but also that of the person. Some people forget that beneath the skin lies a complex matrix of tissue, cells, collagen and many other components…all requiring nutrition to maintain the health of the skin and ultimately the overall health of the body.

If your skin is getting the right stuff in the form of both cellular nutrients from supplements and epidermal ingredients from natural skin creams, this one-two-punch combination is a great way to ensure your skin is getting the best nourishment it can.

Several factors can lead to skin damage and increase the visible signs of aging. These factors can be external like:

  • Pollution
  • Excessive and prolonged exposure to UV radiation
  • Harsh climatic environments
  • Using skin products containing parabens, chemicals and fragrances
  • Or they can be internal like:
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Smoking and drugs
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Stress

The skin needs a healthy foundation and the best way to nourish this foundation is through natural effective skincare products as well as dietary supplements formulated to contain ingredients that have proven efficacy when it comes to supporting skin health.

You often hear about specific skincare regimes where 'experts' suggest cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. Although these routines have some benefit, they're only a fraction of the bigger picture. In fact, you hardly ever hear about the potentially harmful ingredients found in some skincare products. There's no use following a 'healthy skincare regime' if you're using products that contain chemicals and other synthetic ingredients.

The same can be said about getting the right nutrients and nourishing your skin from the inside out. Even if you're using the right products, you need to follow this up with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Besides providing an array of physiological benefits, as well as much needed protection from external elements, your skin can reveal how your body is coping with the aging process and the lifestyle you're living…in this case, glycation.

Glycation occurs when protein molecules become attached to 'sticky' glycating agents such as glucose molecules and aldehydes. The result is an ugly-looking molecule that stimulates the whole glycation process all over again…causing this vicious cycle to accelerate throughout your body.

In your skin, these molecules will stick to collagen and elastin, causing them to clump together and then collapse…leaving an area of structural weakness in the skin, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines…

Total Balance helps promote 'beauty from within' by supporting your body and skin against the damaging effects of glycation. For an extra boost, we recommend combining your daily Total Balance routine with any one of our Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil products…more specifically our Omega 3 / DHA Plus.

Our Omega 3 / DHA Plus will help provide you with the ideal foundation on which youthful, healthy skin can be built…naturally improving your appearance from the inside out…and complementing natural skin products (like the Xtendlife Skincare range) which work on the skin's upper layers as well as the layers just under the skin.

Besides supporting the health of your skin, this potent combination should ideally be used in conjunction with the Xtendlife skincare range. We have a women's and a men's range of products…each specifically formulated to suit the specific skin physiology and differences between the two genders.

The Foaming Facial Cleanser can be used by both men and women and has unique pH balancing properties as well as natural ingredients making it perfectly suitable for normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.

By incorporating these products as part of your healthy lifestyle and skincare regime, you'll be giving your skin (and body) the best ingredients and nourishment possible. Best of all, you won't just feel these positive effects, everyone around you may also start commenting on how attractive and younger-looking your skin has become!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, why not give your mother the gift of healthy, beautiful, more younger-looking skin by ordering some of products in our Skincare Range.