Do You Know What is Aging Your Skin?


    Because of my career as a model, I’ve always paid special attention to my skin. I’ve seen the people around me pay hundreds of dollars trying to age-proof their skin, but nothing really works for them long-term. And I’m sure you know many men and women who spend large amounts each year on skincare products to look and feel younger too.

    It’s no wonder as the latest statistics from Statista indicate that, “in 2016, the global skin care market is estimated to be worth about $121 billion dollars.” That is a large amount of money spent on products that promise better skin. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t really provide adequate results, and all too often, they contain chemicals and additives that seem to cause more harm than good.

    What’s the Secret to Younger-Looking Skin?

    Whenever possible, I try to use products that only contain the very best ingredients and are free of parabens and BPA. And this includes supplements that nourish my skin from the inside out while giving me the energy and vitality to go about my daily life. So far, this seems to be working because while I am getting older, all of my friends tell me that my skin is looking younger! It’s just a matter of taking control over what you put into your body and onto your skin.

    Now, there are numerous factors that contribute to how we age. For example, if you have a hormonal imbalance, you may experience symptoms such as: PMS, skin breakouts, anxiety, weight gain or loss, mood swings, low sex drive, and lack of concentration.

    Also, genetics can play a major role in how your skin looks, feels and reacts to certain products and situations. But lifestyle can deepen the impact. For example, do you eat a lot of fast food full of fat, grease and calories? If so, you may have nutritional deficiencies that can make genetic skin-problems worse. Plus, a fast-food lifestyle usually lacks healthy nutrients that not only affect your skin, but your overall health too.

    Another secret to looking younger may be hiding in your cosmetics bag or shower caddy. Do you ever read the label and look at the ingredients? You may be very surprised to discover what you are putting on your skin!

    And it’s no secret that stress and exposure to environmental toxins add to the aging process. Things found in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink attack our skin on a regular basis. There is no way to escape all of the factors that age our skin. But there is something you can do about it.

    Start taking control of the products you use, both in the inside and outside of your body, and try to make changes to lead a healthier lifestyle. Your skin will thank you for it, and you’ll start to look, and feel, younger in the process!

    What are you going to do today to have age-defying skin?

    Please share your thoughts and questions below,  And look for a future blog where I share my specific tips on having healthier skin soon.