What about the Tuna Oil?

As you probably know the tuna is a migratory fish so we will be keeping an eye on future oil in case any of the tuna is exposed to any radiation. These tests will be done before any is processed. Not a problem for the next few months as we have plenty of raw oil on hand.

Our tuna oil is a little different to most. In addition to it being highly concentrated it is also highly purified. Unlike most other fish oils our tuna oil goes through a proprietary preliminary step prior to concentration which eliminates all traces of mercury and other contaminants.

This involves a process whilst it is still in triglyceride form before being converted to an ethyl ester. The oil whilst in triglyceride form can handle a much higher temperature than an ethyl ester (about three times more) for a short period of time with no harm to the oil.

This enables the mercury and other contaminants to be distilled off the oil much more effectively than when this process takes place after conversion to ethyl ester which is the case with most concentrated oil products.

This is why we are able to achieve such high levels of purity and eliminate any possible contamination of heavy metals or PDBs/dioxins from the tuna component of our fish oil.