Supplements for Blood Pressure


Answer: from Warren

Hi Tracey,

I think that the first step is to have your BP checked another couple of times. Sometimes readings can be very misleading particularly in a doctor’s office when there may be some anxiety over the results.

Also, whether it is taken before or after food makes a big difference. It may pay to invest in a digital blood pressure device which you can buy for about $100. Then you can monitor it much better.

With regard to supplements there are a couple of options you have. One is that you could 'upgrade' to our new Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 that contains Ubiquinol (CoQ10). This form of CoQ10 can help the underlying cause of high blood pressure.

The other option/addition to this would be to consider adding Cardio-Klenz into your regime for three months and see what impact that has. At the very least it would be good for your entire circulatory system as it is designed to help 'clean' your arteries reducing the plaque which is the underlying cause of high blood pressure. By the way, Total Balance will also help with blood pressure, but it takes time.