New Heart Muscle Pill Could Have Side Effects Similar to Statins

A new pill that is currently being trialed aims to trigger the heart to repair itself after an attack. In preliminary trials it has been shown to improve the performance of the heart in heart attack patients by as much as 25%.

Essentially this sounds like great news, and for some people with more serious heart damage it could indeed be the lesser of two evils, at least for the shorter-term and improve shorter-term quality of life of serious heart patients.

However, with so much effort being put into research for drug ‘solutions’ such as this I truly believe that a better result could be gained by directing more resources into the prevention of the heart attack in the first place, nor a protocol of natural strengthening following such events, that would have a similar result but without the side effects.

British-based researchers claim they may be just a decade away from perfecting a way to persuade the heart to 'rejuvenate'. This aims to increase quality of life where a serious heart attack has already occurred, but is also being touted as a 'preventative' option for people with familial history of heart problems or heart attacks.

Some more info on the article can be seen by clicking here.

The research is based on evidence of a a protein called thymosin Beta 4, known to be key to heart growth in the young, which appears to reawaken dormant stem cells in the organ of adults with the help of this statin-like pill.

Thymosins are small proteins present in many living tissues. They were originally isolated from the thymus gland (hence the name), but are now known to be present in many other tissues.

Thymosins have diverse biological activities, and two in particular, thymosins α1 and β4, have potentially important uses in medicine as biological response modifiers, as indicated here.

However, an alternative potential non-invasive and non-adverse effect route of helping to stimulate and protect these proteins could be achieved through natural protection of the thymus gland and the immune system (to which it relates) directly.

This may then avoid the need for more invasive pills with potential long-term side effects, or indeed prevent the weakening of the cardiovascular system in the first place (along with other general health factors).

This potential new pill, despite its slightly different approach to cardio disease, is really just another statin to add to the marketplace.

This is not to say that it doesn't have its place, and it could be helpful for the most severe of situations to prevent fatalities, used short-term for that purpose. Stem-cell research has a lot to offer, potentially, for many serious cases. But we are still only at the very beginning of understanding stem cell activity and long-term effect and behaviour.

Despite this, currently statin and statin-like drugs have been prescribed for years as a preventative measure against heart disease, despite the potential risks of debilitating long-term side effects.

More than 750,000 people live with heart failure in the UK alone, with everyday tasks such as eating, dressing and getting out of bed, leaving many breathless and exhausted. The most common treatments range from drugs to transplants, but with up to 40% of those being treated in this way results in a death within a year of diagnosis.

So maybe the emphasis should be on prevention through lifestyle education, diet, fluid intake, exercise, and supplementation to strengthen and protect the vital areas connected with cardiovascular disease.

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