More Evidence That Exercise Can Give You a ‘Natural High'

But surely there’s a reason why you’re still on a natural high after this morning’s cycle, jog, or workout…despite the fact that it’s 3pm in the afternoon and you’ve got that big presentation due in 2 minutes. Okay, this may just be an example but believe it or not, a recent study has shown that your mood can be enhanced for at least 12 hours after aerobic exercise.

Now we’re not saying that lifting a couple of dumbbells every day or taking the dog for a walk will cure all forms of depression. What we are saying is that for those who have had a stressful day or are feeling a bit down after reading yet another tragic news headline, a bit of exercise may just help improve your mood.

By combining some physical activity with our Total Balance range and Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction in helping not only your emotional wellbeing but also reducing the risk of depression and possibly other serious health conditions.