Massage and Acupuncture can really help!

Last time I mentioned acupuncture, a reader suggested that I was getting involved in quackery. I assured him I was not but rather just relating my own experiences. Reader can take what they wish from it.

Just to briefly recap. About 20 years ago I had a disc prolapsed in my lower back which required surgery which fortunately was successful. I had no problem for about 19 years and then last year the problem reoccurred. I was in severe pain and could hardly walk, couldn’t sit down, couldn’t lie down or stand without the pain.

I had an X-Ray and a MRI which confirmed that it was the same problem as years ago. I made an appointment with the surgeon in New Zealand to have the operation. I was in Thailand at the time.

Just before flying back to NZ someone suggested that I try acupuncture. Although I was skeptical about it I figured there was nothing to lose. Over the next couple of days I had three treatments and I noticed a definite improvement.

The next day when I got back to NZ I saw the surgeon as I had a booking to have the procedure done a couple of days later. I told him about the acupuncture and that I was feeling a bit better. The clinic I went to in Bangkok is a branch of a famous London clinic run by Professor Mei. I met the Professor who was confident that he could fix my back without surgery.

I told this to the NZ surgeon who surprised me by saying…’give it a go’. Apparently he had had other patients who had been able to avoid surgery by the use of acupuncture. So, I cancelled the surgery so I could give it a go.

I flew back to BKK and had 23 treatments over the next 14 days and by the end of it the pain had completely gone.

All I now need is a ‘tune up’ each time I am in Thailand…usually once every couple of months. I find that by the end of the intervening period if I have been working long hours and sitting at the computer that it can start getting uncomfortable. I was reminded of this earlier this week where I had several days in which I started work at 5.30am and did not finish until after 10.00pm. At the end of those few days my back was starting to give me a lot of pain so I had three acupuncture treatments and now it is back to normal.

I raise this because it is common for many people to reach for the pain killers which ultimately makes it worse and damages your overall health. Don’t discount how effective a good acupuncturist can be.

I mention massage in the headline because I also truly believe that a good full massage it extremely therapeutic. I try to have a two hour one at least once a month.