Las Vegas Supply Side West

    Once a year the manufacturers of raw ingredients for dietary supplements gather to display their latest ingredients at a show called Supply West in Las Vegas. Not sure why they have it in Las Vegas… maybe some of the participants or visitors like the gambling? Both my son Kane (our GM) and I attend each year. Sadly, for the local economy I didn’t contribute much. Over the last 40 years I have had two bets in casinos and lost both times…so, I learnt my lesson very early. :-)

    Anyway, this year was quite interesting with lots of raw ingredient manufacturers present. It takes two intensive days systematically walking the aisles to cover everything.

    There are usually no new ‘ground breaking’ ingredients but there are always improvements in existing ingredients due to new research which enables the ingredient to be a bit more effective or a bit more bio-available. When we discover these we then plan to incorporate them into our products…but, it takes some months as we have to go through a full assessment program which among other things requires establishing testing methods for ID and assay and satisfying ourselves that the ingredient is all that it is claimed to be.

    We discovered about three ingredients which we will phase in over the coming months. We will let you know as they are incorporated. Although they are more expensive it will improve the efficacy of our products further.