Heart Disease... Do you REALLY want to avoid it?

I agree that most people are making some effort to deal with one or more of the SYMPTOMS of potential heart disease but often at the expense of other organs in their body and their general health. Although heart disease is a major killer there is good reason to believe that many other deaths occur as a direct result of the most common treatment method of symptoms... prescription drugs.

I'll tell you a true story to help illustrate my point...

Both my parents had heart problems. My mother had a quadruple bypass and a new heart valve at 79. She died at 89. She had angina for at least 30 years. My father also had angina for about 20 years and he died at age 83 years.

But... did they die of heart disease? NO, they both died of the side effects of prescription drugs!

My father died some years ago before I become involved in the natural health business so I was unable to help him. If at the time I had access to the knowledge which I now have thanks to being associated with some of the best brains in natural medicine in the world such as Prof. Dr.AMunem I have no doubt that my Dad would have made it to 100+ in good health. This is something I reflect on from time to time. More in a moment about him!

However, my mother was still alive when I became interested in natural 'medicine'. She had the benefit of one year on our first generation Total Balance (at age 88) and her results were remarkable. She found an improvement in energy, eyesight, memory and was proud of the fact that she could numerous exercises including touching her toes. She was able to drive a car and her incidents of angina attacks were becoming less.

However, when she went for her annual check up with the heart specialist he decided that based on the results of some of her blood tests that he should put her on a new medication. She started taking it and immediately had serious side effects including dizziness. She rang me up asking what she should do and I told her to stop taking it because she was making good progress before she started it. But, after walking away from the phone the dizziness came over her and she fell down the stairs, and died in hospital 2 days later.

My father was also given a whole lot of prescription drugs for his heart which over time damaged many of his other essential organs. This in turn led to the prescribing of more drugs and the resultant side effects. I was by his side when he drew his last breath which was NOT brought on from heart disease! Rather it was from the damage caused to all of his essential organs as a result of all the medication.

So, both my parents passed on... NOT from a heart event, but from the treatment!

This is not unusual. You may have experienced something similar with family or friends, so why do I bring it up in this newsletter? Because, there is an important message here for all of us who are living!

Every day we are being bombarded by advertisements suggesting that we will likely have a heart attack if we don't lower our cholesterol, or our blood pressure. In some cases this may be fair comment... but is taking a prescription drug the right solution? The advertisements suggest that you talk to your Doctor to find out if 'such and such' drug is right for you? As the medical establishment has been 'primed' up by the pharmaceutical industry and as the drugs are approved protocols the answer will invariably be YES!

The two biggest concerns currently for cardiovascular diseases are elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure or hypertension.

Let's just have a quick look at these two indicators of potential heart disease...

Hypertension. You may have read recently in one of our newsletters that the 'goal posts' have recently been shifted. If your blood pressure is a 'normal' 120/80 it is now considered PRE hypertensive and accordingly you should take a drug to lower it. What a load of NONSENSE! High blood pressure is NOT a disease…it is a SYMPTOM only of cardiovascular disease. Lowering your blood pressure by drugs will not fix the underlying problem and indeed the drugs may act as a precursor for many more serious problems!

Think about it for a moment. Why do you get high blood pressure? Simply, because your arteries are becoming clogged with plague so your heart has to increase the pressure in order to get your blood through your arteries and capillaries. It's no different to your household water pipes if they get rusted up. You know what happens if you turn down the water pressure when you are using a sprinkler on your lawn... only a small area gets watered! The same principle applies to your body. Inadequate pressure means the small capillaries in the brain and other parts of the body will get starved for blood.

You have to clear the obstructions to get rid of the symptoms!

Cholesterol! I frequently speak to customers who have been put on statin drugs because their Doctor considers their cholesterol to be too high. They come to us to try our natural cholesterol lowering formula which is just as effective for most people but doesn't have the nasty side effects of statins. But, what often amazes me is how often their physicians ignore the HDL/LDL ratios…OR they simply don't take the time to review them carefully. I have spoken to people that should never have been put on a cholesterol lowering drug because their HDL is so high it more than offsets the slightly elevated total cholesterol.

But... it gets worse!

More and more evidence suggests that high levels of homocysteine are just as dangerous as high levels of the bad LDL cholesterol…but very few people are tested for it, even those on statin drugs. Why? Because there is no profit in this condition for the pharmaceutical industry and as such it receives very little attention.

Elevated homocysteine levels are easily brought into line simply by a course of cheap high dose B vitamins. There is no pharmaceutical drug which will do a better job. Same principle applies to inflammation in the blood which is another important marker of pending heart disease. It can be measured by testing the blood for C- Reactive Protein. But, it is so rarely tested even though it is very important and relatively easy to eliminate. MSM does a good job in helping to normalize inflammation in the blood.

Back to the main point of this newsletter!

What I have tried to do today is bring to your attention to the importance of looking at your body as a whole, not just targeting specific parts or conditions. If you have a particular ailment then it is still OK to target it PROVIDED that you don't ignore the rest of your body which includes all your essential organs... and your brain. They are all interrelated and as such interdependent.

When it comes to cardiovascular health don't make the mistake that most people do and think that if you have high cholesterol that a statin drug will restore your heart health, or if you have high blood pressure that all you need is a blood pressure lowering drug. They won't! What you need to do is to work on your health as a whole and maximize the effectiveness of all your organs including your heart. This means in addition to sensible lifestyle choices and reasonable exercise that you supplement your diet with essential nutrients that is difficult to get even when you eat sensibly.

Until the next issue.

In good health,