Cancer - The Truth About The Cause - Part 1

He had liver cancer. He was diagnosed with it 12 months ago. The Doctors gave him 9 months to live at that time. The Doctors wanted to start him on chemotherapy at that time. He had several friends who had died of cancer, all of whom had undergone chemotherapy, and all of whom had spent their last month's feeling extremely ill and miserable. Because of what he had observed himself, he refused to accept chemotherapy and told the Doctors that he would not be back to them for any treatment.

What did he do? Well, he went home and literally cried for four days. After he recovered from the devastating news, he made a firm decision that he would make the best of the life he had left and not suffer in the same way that he had seen others suffer.

That was a courageous decision, given that most people when confronted with this news usually abdicate their bodies to the care of the medical profession! But…not for him!

Instead, he started researching his options and sought the help of knowledgeable natural practitioners. As a result of the advice that he received, he made many radical changes to his lifestyle and diet. He was also given some Chinese herbal extracts (which I suspect were polysaccharides).

12 months after he was diagnosed and 3 months after he was supposed to be dead, he says that he has never felt so good, and apparently, he is looking better than he has for years.

Does this mean that he has beaten his cancer? I honestly don't know. Changes in diet, lifestyle and professional supplementation will usually bring about the results he has experienced, i.e. improved sense of wellbeing. However, the cancer can still continue to grow without the person actually 'feeling' it. Nonetheless, it is highly probably that the actions he took have slowed down the growth.

Only time will tell if he can ultimately beat his cancer. It is possible…and I hope he succeeds. One thing that is absolutely certain is that if he had followed conventional advice, he would probably be dead and even worse; his last few months would have been absolute misery for him and his loved ones. At least now, he is enjoying his life like never before as every day is precious and he is feeling well.

We all know that cancer is a major cause of death and misery. But not many people really know much about it and how it is initiated and progresses. They know even less about the causes of it. The real truth about the major causes is quite different from what we are told in the popular press.

In this article and the next one (or two) I will try to explain some facts that are not well known (at least not publicly) about cancer, because if you have a better understanding of it you may increase your ability to prevent it.

Three Stages of Cancer

The first thing to understand about cancer is that there are three stages of cancer. Initiation, Promotion and Progression!

I will just refer to Initiation today, and in the next newsletter will move to Promotion and Progression and also look at the common causes (generally unknown but scientifically proven) which will help you in your prevention efforts.

Cancer initiation is something that we are all exposed to every day. The substances that initiate cancer are a group of chemicals called carcinogens. These carcinogens are present in some processed foods, in the atmosphere of polluted cities, sometimes in the water supply, cleaning fluids, carpets, furniture and other household chemicals and so on.

No matter how careful you are, it is virtually impossible to not be exposed to these carcinogens. Naturally, you should do your best to avoid as many as possible by not eating processed foods which may have potentially carcinogenic additives. Also, be careful about breathing fumes from any type of chemical.

HOWEVER, being exposed to carcinogens is not in itself enough to cause you to get cancer although your risk is increased. What these carcinogens do is plant the 'seeds' of the cancer in your body.

When a carcinogen enters a cell, it is converted by enzymes to a product which is more reactive. This 'product' then bonds to the cell's DNA to form carcinogen-DNA complexes or adducts. This genetically damaged cell is then replicated in new daughter cells as they are formed. This is the initiation stage completed, and all of us would have a certain number of these carcinogen-DNA complexes in our body.

It is considered virtually impossible to reverse this stage of cancer... but, don't worry because they are not a major problem unless they are given the right conditions to move to the next stage!

Think of these complexes like planting some seeds in your garden. Unless they have ALL the conditions necessary for germination they will stay in the soil and be inactive for years, or maybe forever.

In the next issue of Xtend-Your-Life we will have a look at what conditions are needed to make these seeds start to 'sprout... and lead to the second stage of cancer 'promotion'. Hopefully this information will help you better understand what you need to prevent yourself and loved ones becoming a cancer victim… and if you happen to be in the early stages of cancer 'promotion' I will give you some diet information that you will find startling and may help you control the cancers further development... supported by strong scientific evidence.

In good health.