Alkaline Challenge Day 1: Getting Started

Congratulations on taking this first step to better health and well-being. It is great to have you on board this challenge with us and we are confident that by the end of this month, you will be well on your way to a more alkaline, healthier you.

Getting started is easy

Before you take our challenge we recommend understanding your baseline. This means getting your initial pH levels.

So how do you test your pH?

The easiest, most convenient and affordable way of tracking your progress with our alkaline challenge is to do a simple, at-home test of your pH using your saliva and urine.

Doing a daily pH test is fantastic as it allows you to really take control of your health, track your progress and visibly see how the food choices you make daily affect your body! If you’re looking for alkaline food inspiration, read our "Alkaline Breakfast Ideas post, including green smoothie and quinoa breakfast bowl recipes.

Step 1 - Get the goods. Get the most accurate and cost effective pH strips from your local pharmacy and a notebook to log your pH measurements.

Step 2 - The Morning Saliva Test. Test the pH of your saliva as soon as you wake up. Note the pH (colour and number on your pH strip) and write it in your log book. Be sure not to clean your teeth, drink, eat or anything before-hand.

Step 3 - The Morning Urine Test. It is important to test your first pee of the day. The most accurate way is to test it mid-stream. Again, note the color and number on the pH strip and write it down.

Step 4 – Repeat. Repeat as often as possible over the next 30 days to get meaningful results and track your movements over the month. Remember, getting and staying healthy is something for the long-term, not a quick fix!

Interpreting your results

Saliva pH

This tells us how effective your body is at dealing and responding to your diet and lifestyle. It also shows how well the salivary glands (as well as your stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and liver) are performing in dealing with excess acidity.

GOAL pH: You want this to be at least 7.0 and ideally above pH 7.2.

Urine pH

The first urine of the day is what has been stored in your bladder overnight. This is a great way to measure how well your body has neutralised acids while you were asleep.

GOAL pH: You want this to be at or over pH 7.0.

It is important to test your pH at the same set time (in the morning) to keep the readings as consistent as possible. If your pH is not quite ideal, don’t worry – we hope to get it back on track by the end of this challenge!

In good health.