Omega 3 / DHA Plus

30 Day Supply | 60 Soft Gels
£20.95 (Incl Tax)

Pure omega-3 fish oil plus antioxidants astaxanthin and lycopene for extra daily wellness support.

  • Superior fish oil with 700mg of DHA per serving
  • Support heart, brain and healthy aging
  • 3rd party tested for freshness and purity

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Key Benefits

700 mg of DHA

Additional Antioxidants

Sustainable Fish Oil

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the “good fat” crucial for health. They are required for many important functions in the body, supporting heart health, cognitive health, eye health, joint health and general wellness including healthy aging.

Xtendlife Omega 3 / DHA Plus offers high doses of concentrated omega-3 fish oil (high in EPA and DHA), plus an astaxanthin and lycopene antioxidants blend to further protect and enhance the health benefits in the heart, brain, and healthy aging.

Cardiovascular Support

Omega-3s are good for your heart and blood vessels in several ways. Evidence shows that EPA and DHA may help support cholesterol balance, blood vessel function and overall cardiovascular conditions. Our Omega 3 / DHA Plus fish oil provides 1100mg of omega-3 fatty acid per serving, plus additional tomato lycopene (Lyc-O-Mato®) packed with natural carotenoids to support cardiovascular health. The Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene is extracted from a special variety of lycopene-rich, non-GMO tomatoes, providing benefits for good health[1][2].

Brain and Mental Clarity Support

DHA is essential for brain functions. It is the most abundant fatty acid building block for cells in the brain, eyes and nerves, which supports learning and memory, and keeps cognition in good shape as you age. Xtendlife Omega 3 / DHA Plus provides 700mg of DHA per serving, which is more than most of the fish oil products in the market.

Eye Health

DHA is also a major structural component of the retina, it’s important for supporting eye health and function. The algae-based astaxanthin (AstaPure®) in this formula provides additional antioxidant support, it’s scientifically proven to help ease age-related macular degeneration, eye fatigue and irritation.

AstaPure® is derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, the richest source of natural astaxanthin.

Healthy Aging Support

This fish oil combined with Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene and AstaPure® astaxanthin is a great blend for skin nourishment and healthy aging. Healthy “good” fats are essential for skin hydration and overall skin health, omega-3 fatty acids are the “good” fat you need to keep the skin hydrated and retain moisture, so you get softer, smoother, and more supple skin. Additionally, with Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene and astaxanthin provide powerful antioxidant protection against oxidative stress and support healthy skin appearance and aging[3].

Premium Quality you can Trust

  1. Effective – Crafted from a blend of concentrated tuna and natural non-concentrated New Zealand hoki, this unique blend of omega-3 is bioavailable and easy for the body to absorb.
  2. Safe – Every batch of our fish oil is independently tested for contaminants.
  3. Sustainable – We source fish oil from internationally trusted suppliers who have sustainability certifications. Our fish oil is carefully sourced from cold-water fish, it contains New Zealand hoki fish harvested from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean.
  4. Fresh – We follow international standards of oxidation limits, and each batch is tested by internationally accredited laboratories.

Xtendlife is also a proud member of GOED, a non-profit trade association that represents the worldwide omega-3 industry.


Supplement Facts

Serving size: 2 Soft Gels
Servings per container: 30
Amount Per Serving   % DV
Calories 20  
Total Fat 2 g 3%*
     Saturated Fat <0.5 g 1%*
     Trans Fat 0 g **
     Polyunsaturated Fat 1.5 g **
     Monounsaturated Fat <0.5 g **
Cholesterol <5 mg 1%*
Protein <0.1 g  
Fish Oil 2 g **
Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1.1 g **
     DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) (700 mg) **
     EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) (300 mg) **
Total Omega 9 Fatty Acids 190 mg **
Total Omega 6 Fatty Acids 40 mg **
(from Tomato)
2 mg **
(from Haematococcus pluvialis)
600 mcg **

Other Ingredients: Soft Gel (Gelatin, Glycerol, Water, Annatto [color]), Beeswax, Antioxidant Vitamin E Oil (to preserve freshness).

Contains Fish (Bigeye Tuna and New Zealand Hoki).

If you are pregnant or lactating, see our standard Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil.

If you are taking blood-thinning medication or aspirin, please consult your health practitioner before using fish oil.


Servings per bottle: 30 servings (2 soft gels)
Daily serving: Adult - 2 to 4 soft gels per day. Children 6 and over - 1 soft gels per day 

For optimal omega-3 absorption, take with food.

Combines well with our Total Balance and Kiwi-Klenz for optimum general health and long-term wellness.

If you are pregnant or lactating, see our standard Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil. If you are taking blood-thinning medication or aspirin, please consult your health practitioner before using fish oil.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Trusted Brand for 25 Years
Made in New Zealand
365 Days Guarantee


Would vegetable based oils give the same benefits?

Sadly no. Oils such as flax oil etc whilst very good do not contain either DHA or EPA. The Omega 3 in these oils is ALA which is a simpler oil with only 18 carbon bonds verse 22 for DHA and 20 for EPA. The body cannot manufacture DHA or EPA and must get it from external sources. A main component of the brain is DHA.

ALA from vegetable oils is very difficult for the body to change to DHA. Experts believe less than 5% can be converted, and in the elderly group, there is generally none at all. This is why you cannot rely on vegetable oils to provide DHA or EPA.

Are fish oil soft gels easy to swallow?

Our soft-gels are an industry standard 1000mg soft gel, which is quite easy to swallow. However, if you have any difficulty swallowing soft gels of this size, we also produce a mini version of 500mgs.  If you still have some difficulty, you can always puncture the soft gels and squeeze the fish oil onto cold food. This method will not compromise the product's efficacy, provided the food is consumed right away to avoid oxidization of the oil

Where does the Hoki and Tuna Fish come from?

Hoki (Whiting) is sourced from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand. The Tuna is also sourced in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the soft gel made of?

The soft gels we use in our Omega 3 fish oils are made of highly purified bovine non-hydrolysed gelatine (Halal certified).

Why do you focus on DHA rather than EPA levels in your fish oil?

We focus on the DHA levels in our Omega 3 fish oils as this is in the best interest of our customers. Research confirms that it is the most valuable component of Omega 3, especially for the brain and nervous system. In addition, it is difficult for the body to convert EPA to DHA because two carbon bonds must be added. On the other hand, the body only has to 'drop off' two carbon bonds from DHA to create EPA. Most manufacturers focus on EPA as it is easier to concentrate, but it is not as 'usable' by the body.

How do you concentrate the tuna oil?

This is one of the exciting parts of Xtendlife’s Omega 3 fish oil blends. The concentrated component of the blend is able to be produced without the intense heat needed by 99% of all the other concentrated fish oils on the market today. Even better it does not have to be converted to an ethyl ester and then processed to reconstitute it back to the triglyceride form. (which can be considered synthetic)

It is concentrated using a combination of molecular distillation and enzymatic action. This avoids the extreme heat which is used in other concentration methods. But, it is a lot more expensive but the benefits warrant the additional cost.

Why use tuna oil rather than smaller fish like sardines or anchovies, which have less bioaccumulation of heavy metals?

The benefit of tuna oil is that it is naturally rich in DHA. Smaller fish may tend to have less accumulation of heavy metals, but this is not an issue with Xtendlife fish oil because of the careful way the Tuna is used. The Tuna oil is produced using molecular distillation and enzymatic hydrolysis. Our standard for heavy metals is one of the most stringent in the industry, More than government requirements. There is no purer oil.

Also, the parts of the Tuna we use are by-products of tuna harvested for food and are from a controlled and sustainable fishery.