Skin Benefits And Uses Of

Jojoba Oil

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this versatile oil fights free radicals, reduces dark spots, and supports cell turnover for a youthful glow, while also offering cleansing properties.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil benefits for skin

Jojoba Oil so closely resembles human sebum – the oil created by our skin – that it is an ideal moisturizing treatment to keep skin healthy and happy with less risk of irritation, because it mimics our skin’s natural oils.

Because jojoba is so easily absorbed, it easily goes beneath the skin’s surface, reaching cells beneath the top layer to moisturize, rejuvenate and restore skin cells.

Packed with nutrients including vitamins A and B, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine and chromium, jojoba is ideal for sensitive skin and helps hydrate skin that’s lacking moisture (it is an excellent emollient in lip balm) and also offers cleansing properties, making it an ideal natural ingredient in cleansers, especially because it offers moisture even as it gently lifts away dirt and excess oil that could be the source of pimples, blackheads and breakouts.

It also brings with it two power-packed nutrients - antioxidants that fight free radicals that can trigger signs of aging and vitamins that can support skin cell turnover, reducing dark spots, so skin looks fresher and younger looking, with a youthful glow.

Jojoba is an ideal total-body moisturizer, working head to toe to sooth and soften dry skin. It is especially effective working in conjunction with other moisturizers to boost hydration in even the most parched skin.

Uses of Jojoba Oil

Because jojoba is a desert plant that can sustain high temperatures, it has been considered as a natural alternative to mechanical lubricants.

It also helps improve the look and feel of hair by offering lightweight moisture along with cleansing properties to ease dandruff while boosting the silkiness and sheen of hair. It also is believed to help unclog hair follicles, boosting hair production while supporting existing strands from breakage and split ends.

Source and sustainability of Jojoba Oil

This gold liquid is extracted from the bean of the jojoba plant – only the seeds are harvested, leaving the shrub to continue producing new crops – it is considered highly sustainable.

The shrub grows in desert conditions and requires very little water to survive, sometimes as long as 100 years.